Product Designer

The Role

Fun is at the core of the experience, and great design is the driving force behind it. We are a design-centric organization—every feature, every line is created with the best possible version we can imagine in mind. Use your extensive knowledge of design patterns, user behaviours, and gamification to build the player interface. This position reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer. Sound like the place for you? Send us a note at with links to your work and experience—nicely fleshed-out LinkedIn or AngelList profiles work well.

Things you’ll do here
  • Work in deeply embedded and interlinked teams, with most team members filling multiple roles (including Kim, our CEO. You can absolutely trick her into getting you coffee)
  • Generate new product ideas and solutions (“wouldn’t it be cool if…”)
  • Create mocks using everything from paper to Balsamique to Adobe XD—choose your weapon
  • Design gamified user interaction chains, from onboarding funnels to user-peer interactions
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Product Management to generate product requirements & detailed implementation specs
  • Respond to production issues and requests from users and podcasting partners in real time in partnership
  • Design review, and be design reviewed, by other members of the team
Job Requirements
  • Proven expertise and work experience on a product design team for desktop and mobile
  • A solid foundation in design principles, typography, ideation, systems design, interaction design, gamification and user incentivization.
  • Experience building around a complex pipeline in a deeply collaborative team environment
  • Experience with modern browser technologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • The open-hearted desire to improve yourself and your team as a whole
Bonus Round
  • A games or gamification background. We frequently accidentally refer to our users as Players
  • Podcast addiction
  • A nice solid blog
  • Experience with Google’s Polymer framework
  • Experience with Progressive Web Apps
  • Startup experience
  • A sense of “I don’t know…let’s find out!”