Back-End Web Engineer

The Role

Use your extensive knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, along with Bash and relational databases, to build the infrastructure behind You will work with real-time data streams and engineer for performance across browsers. You understand the need for simplicity and maintainability must be balanced with a lean approach, and implement only what is necessary—and then go the extra few feet to make something fun.  This position reports directly to the Engineering lead. Sound like the place for you? Send us a note at with links to your work and experience—nicely fleshed-out LinkedIn or AngelList profiles are very effective.

Things you’ll do here
  • Work in deeply embedded and interlinked teams, with most team members filling multiple roles
  • Build and give feedback on test-driven features as defined by product design and management.
  • Talk and be responsive to our front-end team in jointly creating our API.
  • Support production issues and requests from users and podcasting partners.
  • Code review, and be code reviewed, by other members of the engineering team
Job Requirements
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • 4-year degree in Computer Science (or higher), or other relevant prereqs
  • Demonstrable evidence of 2+ years writing web applications. We love it when engineers show their work.
  • Experience with programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, or C/C++/C#
  • The ability to self-start in brand-new situations and technology streams, researching and defining architecture and guiding the rest of the team in best practices
  • Thorough understanding of basic web technologies such as REST, HTTP, and TCP/IP
  • A love of algorithms and data structures, and the ability to know which should be used when.
  • A healthy fear of the Bad People on the internet, and an understanding of how to keep them at bay.
  • Strong understanding of Lean Startup methodology
  • Experience building around a complex pipeline in a deeply collaborative team environment
  • Experience with modern browser technologies, including Edge
  • Passion for UX and Design, and yep, attention to detail
  • Great communication skills, and a good sense of humor
  • The open-hearted desire to improve yourself and your team as a whole
Bonus Round
  • Podcast addiction
  • Experience with Scala
  • A games or indie-web background. We frequently accidentally refer to our users as Players
  • Startup experience
  • A sense of “I don’t know…let’s find out!”