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Podcasting hasn't changed much since it was invented back in 2003. It's still hard to discover. It's still hard to share. is focused on creating a better solution for listening to—and creating—the podcasts we love.
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About the Team

We’re a group of creators and developers committed to Lean Startup methodology. Our backgrounds range from AAA games, to German cars, to the early days of Silicon Valley. We know how to ship fun software that works. And we're podcast lovers, of course. Hit us on Twitter @signlfm.
"Right now, podcasting is like the bad-old-days of blogging, when commenting wasn't necessarily a thing, analytics weren't a thing, easily spinning up your own blog definitely wasn't a thing. It makes life hard for podcasters like me, and for people looking to get into podcasting. These guys have the most cutting-edge tech I've seen in the area, and with a handle on their audience—I'm excited to see where we can take this."
Richard Campbell, .NET Rocks! Podcast
Dave Mansuedo, Libsyn Co-Founder, Creator of BossJock
"I’m so impressed with what you showed me and am glad that you guys are looking to give the podcast space the butt kick it needs.  It’s a medium that is basically in the same shape that it was in 2005.  It was obvious to you right? Smartphones did most of the work to spawn this latest uptick in growth and excitement, otherwise its a classic case where everyone is mostly laurel resting technology wise.  As I said, I just can’t seem to keep away from the podcast call."
.NET Rocks Geek Outs

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