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Welcome! We’re experimenting with audio, with a goal of changing podcast forever. If you want to be part of the conversation, sign up for early access. We thank you in advance for your patience, demand has been flattering.

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What is

signlFM_256 is the world’s first social, spoken-word blogging platform— Podcast 2.0. “Medium for Podcast”.

Imagine if you could create audio in the same place you listened to it.

Imagine if you could instantly connect with co-hosts and guests around the world.

Imagine if you could record live, invite listeners to contribute in real-time—then subscribe to or download that content, stored in one place, forever.

Imagine if you could rate, review, share, and respond to content, all in one social ecosystem.

Imagine if you could seamlessly transcribe your content using IBM Watson.

Imagine if monetization was painless for both creators and listeners.

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Leadership Team

Kim Hansen

Kim’s first job out of school was as a lead on the Mass Effect team (7M+ sales), at household-name game studio BioWare. She went on to be employee #1 at one profitable tech startup (5+ shipped mobile/web apps), and was product lead at another, the product going on to a successful Seed/A-Series raise.

Clifford Roche

Clifford and Kim have been best friends since they met in 2010. They shipped a couple of projects together at Longtail Studios (now Ubisoft), and at their own small game startup, Firestarter Games, before deciding on Clifford has held senior and leadership positions at both SquareEnix and Ubisoft.

Kelly Wright

Kelly has been engineering in games for 6 years, worked with the Origin team at EA, and has done mentoring for graduating students at VFS. Now he’s co-hosting two Vancouver podcasts, and programming all the things you see when you look at SignlFM.

Rainer Koch

Rainer is a veteran management consultant out of the German ICT and Car industry. He managed projects grossing $1M+ during the last two years before his move to Canada.

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